I will facilitate the decluttering of your home by coaching you through the selection of objects, personal items, clothes, etc. Once the selection is done, I will advise and optimize storage solutions for your home.


1st step: A thirty minute free phone consultation to discuss the KonMari process, answer any questions, and discuss a plan for moving forward.

Kate was so patient and helpful as I went through my clothes! The process helped me see my clothes-shopping blind spots, so I won’t make the same mistakes in the future.
— Client S.Z.

2nd step: After deciding to move forward with tidying, we will start by having an in-person consultation (60-90 minutes). During this time we will discuss your goals and aspirations as well as create a vision board (a collage of pictures and words to represent your ideal lifestyle). Through the understanding of your needs and desires I will become your partner in the creation of your ideal personal space and lifestyle.

3rd step: Then, we will have a 3-4 hour session of tidying using the following curriculum:

·       Clothes

·       Books

·       Paperwork

·       Komono (Japanese for miscellaneous objects)

·       Objects of a sentimental value

~ The length of a session can be flexible to work within your specific budget, time constraints, and needs ~


Initial In-Person Consultation: $75

One-on-One KonMari Consultant: $60/hour

I laid on a couch for eight year (in therapy), and I should have been tidying!
— Client S