I’m Kate Sood — a former elementary school teacher and current organizing professional, who is a certified consultant in the KonMari method.

Most days, you can find me helping busy professionals and families create an organized and serene home. I have always had a passion for organizing, but after reading about and using the KonMari Method, I knew I wanted to spread the magic. In April 2018, I attended the KonMari consultant training seminar to become the first and only certified KonMari Consultant in Michigan.

People often refer to me as their friend who can create a peaceful space and organize anything! I love serving the world by helping people of all ages realize and reach their potential and ideal lifestyle. For more about me, check out my featured article in Metro Parent Magazine and my segment with CTN Ann Arbor.

You can find more inspiration for achieving a tidy and peaceful home on my Instagram @tidywithkate and by signing up for my newsletter. Contact me today to achieve a tidy and peaceful home!